Machines & Specifications

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Machines & Specifications

Without Stand | 16 1/2″
With Stand | 51 1/2″

Product Globe | 7″ x 7″
Machine Base | 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2
Stand Base | 14 1/2″

Vending for Hope Machine with Stand | 40 lbs

250 – 1″ capsules per head | 500 capsules per 2 heads on stand

Coin Mechanism:
Chemically hardened die cast metal can be tooled to accommodate any international coin currency.

Polished high luster pink and black finish with gold trim.

Product Globe | Thick shatterproof polycarbonate.
Stand | Die cast metal with shiny powder coated pink and black with gold plated trim.

Mechanical Features:
A. The coin mechanism eliminates costly service calls because if a nickel, dime or quarter is inserted, the mechanism does not jam. The coin simply falls directly into the cash box but no product is dispensed.

B. The structural design of the product globe increases its strength many times over competitor’s conventional round product globe.

C. High security steel slide out locking cash box. Cuts down your service time dramatically.

Full 2 year parts warranty.

Marketing Features:
The superior eye catching design of the Vending for Hope Machine will get noticed first and generate a lot of attention in the competitive small machine vending market. The machine that gets noticed the most does the most business. The Vending for Hope Machine is the highest quality small vending machine in the world and the potential customers will see that and respond accordingly.

Vending for Hope Vending Machine

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Standard 2 Heads on 1 Stand with a High Cash Capacity Cash Box.

Vending for Hope Vending Machine

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Optional 4 Head Version for Higher Traffic type of locations.

Takes up the same Floor Space as our Standard 2 Head Stand.