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How the Vending for Hope Program Works

14 Reasons Why the Vending for Hope Program is the Perfect Home Based Business Opportunity for You


Accessit Corp prides itself on its solid reputation that it has created built on integrity and good customer after sale service. So be rest assured we will do our best to help you succeed every step of the way with your Vending For Hope Business and we are always available to answer any questions you may have. We believe that your success is our success.


The Vending For Hope Program combines the following high profile elements.

a) We are proud to be donating funds to Breast Cancer Research Facilities across Canada and the United States. These Facilities, Hospitals and Foundations are the leading organizations in Canada and the United States dedicated to creating a future without breast cancer.

b) We have designed and developed a complete unique line of Breast Cancer Awareness Support Wear of 12 to 15 different mixes that are sold in 1″ plastic capsules. Consumers will be glad to display their awareness and support for Breast Cancer Research by wearing or using these Support Wear items. These items will appeal to people of all ages so all locations with any sizable traffic are prime locations for your Vending For Hope Machines.

c) We have manufactured a high quality Vending Machine that has been designed specifically to merchandise the Breast Cancer Awareness Support Wear items. This attractive merchandiser attracts customers and will add to any merchants decor.

d) We have designed a locators manual which illustrates a step by step tutorial of how you can acquire locations or sites for your machines in merchants premises. Also we provide a 30 minute training session with a professional locator for you. Or we can refer you to a  professional locating company that can find locations for your Vending For Hope Machines if you do not wish to do it yourself.


All of our Breast Cancer Awareness Support Wear items are very reasonably priced at a $1.00 CAD and $0.75 USD Vend price from your Vending For Hope Machines. Comparable pricing on similar items are sold on the internet for 3 to 5 times what the vend price is in the Vending For Hope Machine. Customers will realize that the Vending For Hope Machines are selling Breast Cancer Awareness products at bargain basement prices. Everybody likes a bargain. We produce each item in large quantities to enable us to offer the low wholesale price points for you. Each item has to be placed in each capsule then bagged, labeled and boxed.


In addition to the appeal of the Breast Cancer Awareness Support Wear we have added 10 Black Winner Capsules in each head that have prize coupons plus the Support Wear item in them. This will drive even more sales to your Vending For Hope Machine as potential customers will try to get that Black Winner Capsule and once they do they receive a winning coupon that directs them to a site called and once there they type in their pin code to see what they have won.

It could be Pre Paid Visa cards from $25.00 to $100.00, an X Box 360 up to an iPad or simply a download. We pay for all the prizes and deliver them to the winners plus will post all winners on our website. Just another reason for customers to put money in your Vending For Hope Machines.

Vending for Hope Winning Certificate


We have just built a new state of the art facility in October of 2015 near the airport in Winnipeg to better serve you with our expanded office and warehouse area. View our new facilities! We would love to meet with you and do business in person if you prefer. Please refer to our Fly and Buy Program that provides full details.


We always maintain a large stock of Vending Machines and Supplies with over 1 million dollars worth of inventory at all times.


You will be dealing direct with the Manufacturer that providers you with a full 10 Year Parts Warranty plus a 50 Year Vandalism, Theft and Fire Insurance coverage for your Vending For Hope Machines. (extra with Test Drive and Bronze Packages)


We provide In House Interest Free Financing to select clientele with a minimum order of a Silver Package to qualify. Our philosophy is that the more machines we have in the field the more Support Wear replenishment orders we will get each month. So we do whatever we can to help our customers grow and expand their business.


The Vending For Hope Program provides you with a high profit margin of .70 cents from every dollar placed in your machine.


The Vending For Hope Machines require only one or two days a month to service if you had 20 machines for example. Your Vending for Hope machines start earning cash for you the instant they are placed on location and continue creating profits for you each day 24/7 or as long as the merchant’s business is open.

Cash is king and what could be better than to have x number of Vending For Hope Machines in high traffic locations generating substantial cash for you while you sleep, golf, relax by the pool etc etc. Think of them as your Silent Salesforce.


Vending For Hope Machines are manufactured at our manufacturer facilities in South Korea. We have been making Vending Machines there since 1997 so we have established a high degree of quality control to ensure that your machines are made with the best possible high quality components that will last for many years to come. These machines are small and mechanical therefor no electricity is needed. They can be easily transported in your car van or truck to your locations. The Support Wear product that goes in the machines comes in bags of 250 per bag and is also light to carry. Anybody can do this business regardless of age or physical restrictions.


The Vending For Hope concept will appeal to anyone that is connected to breast cancer and that unfortunately is most of us. Most merchants would gladly allow the placement of a Vending For Hope Machine in their premises.


There are numerous tax benefits from owning your own home based business. Click here for more details.


And last but not least becoming a Vending For Hope Dealer will provide you with a spare time or full time cash income that only takes a few days a month to service and collect your cash, depending how many machines you have. You could become financially independent, be your own boss and live the quality of life you have always dreamed about. We can help you get started and would love to use you as a reference once you get up and running.

We are now appointing Vending For Hope Dealers on a first come first serve basis right across Canada and the United States.

Be the first in your area and take full advantage of this terrific once in a lifetime Business Opportunity.

Get in on the ground floor and get the best locations.

CALL US at 1-866-668-6629 or go to Request More Information

Fill out that short form and a company rep will call you the next business day to answer any questions you may have.

Dedicated to Your Success,
Paul Shepperson | CEO | President