Raising Money For Canadian Charities
One St. James company has been mixing business with charity for nearly two decades and raises funds for breast cancer research facilities and Missing Children Society of Canada.

"The merchants where the machines are placed really do appreciate the fact that they're helping and contributing to the funds that are being raised for the charities,"

To date, they have raised more than $358,000 for the Missing Children Society and have shone a light on the cause - each vending machine includes a name, photo and description of a missing child.

"It's getting the names out, the face out and providing a lot of exposure in very high traffic areas.”

The vending machine program is crucial to raising awareness and funds for (the) national charity,"

Craig Peterson, director of business development for the Missing Children Society said in a statement.

Money is raised through agreements with vending machine owners who donate a few dollars to the cause each month for each machine they own.

Shepperson has recently expanded the offerings with a Vending for Hope program.

"Breast cancer research, unfortunately, affects a lot of people and it's just a way of pitching in."

The new program has raised more than $51,000 for breast cancer research facilities in Canada, with donations.

By Eva Wasney
Staff Reporter

Paul President and CEO

Paul Shepperson, President and CEO